The International Forum on Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) is a community of over 1000 experts worldwide, representing leading universities and research institutes in vehicle engineering, and forward-looking companies and government institutions. IFRTT aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between experts involved in the development of commercial vehicles and road freight transport.


Welcometo HVTT16

IFRTT and ResearchInstitute of Highway (RIOH) Ministry of Transport in China are proud to presentthe 16th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology(HVTT16). This conference provides a unique forum for legislators, roadadministrators, academics, consultants, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers,transport organizations and transport operators to discuss and exchange ideason ways to improve the safety, efficiency, productivity and sustainability ofthe road transport industry.


The theme of HVTT16 is laying foundations for the future. The core issue is to review the history of road transport around the world, analyze the existing problems, address the opportunities and challenges emerging from the development of new technologies, and propose the future outline of road transport.

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